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2010 Expansion Draft - Who to Protect?

With MLS Cup coming in a couple weeks and the Revs packing up for the long winter offseason, it's time to start getting ready for next year. It's safe to expect that the 2011 Revs will look different, and, indeed, must be different after a disappointing 2010 season. This past week we've seen the retirement of Taylor Twellman, the Revolution's all-time leading goal scorer, due to brain injury. While not unexpected, it is still sad to lose the hope of seeing him knocking in goals for the home-town team. But that's a post unto itself...

The next major personnel decision will be the 2010 Expansion draft later this month. Deciding who to protect and who to leave unprotected is always a bit of a cat-and-mouse game. Can you leave higher-priced players unprotected because they will not be as attractive as a cheaper, more promising youngster? Do you protect experience or potential? I won't be amongst the Revs brass who will be making these decisions, but if I had a vote, my list would look like the following:

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Can the 2010 Revolution Play in a 352 alignment

It seems that the Revolution team that led the league in scoring over the 2002-2007 period did most its damage in the 352, and that they've struggled to score since switching to the 442 in late 2008. Maybe it has little to do with the alignment and more to do with the health of Mr. Taylor Twellman. But let us examine the 2010 roster to see if it could be suitable for a switch to the 352 at some point.

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A Modest Proposal for MLS Free Agency

It seems that the issue of "Player's Rights" is at the center of the impasse between the MLS owners and the Players Union. In particular, the right right to free movement when a contract expires or the club fails to pick up an option, or even waives a player. Neither side seems ready to compromise on this issue, leaving some uncertainty around the 2010 MLS season.

Nobody wins in the event of a work stoppage, so it is beneficial for both sides to reach an agreement. My proposal is probably not earth-shattering, or even something that hasn't been considered in pieces already. But it is reasonable and requires some concessions from both sides.

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Depth Chart 02-25-2010

Here we are two games into the 2010 preseason. Admittedly, very few of us have seen the games or the training, and I have seen none. But that won't keep me from projecting my initial depth chart for the 2010 season.

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Revolution All-Time Goal Scorers

Track the all-time goal scorers for the New England Revolution.

Last Updated: 04 November 2013, 13:51:26

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Welcome to Revcetera

Revcetera is a blog written by Frank Truscott, a long-time soccer fan who has a particular interest in the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer. This site is in no way affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the Revolution. Some of my readers will take exception to the optimistic view that will be portrayed here. I've been a fan of the Revs for a long-time and have seen good and bad teams. But most importantly, I've been a negative fan and I've been a positive fan, and I have found that being happy is more enjoyable than being miserable. Could the Revs do some things better, off and on the field? Yes, most certainly they could. But I can't control that. I may have an opinion, and I may share it, but it's not going to change one thing. What I can control is how I enjoy the games and following the team. My time is too precious to waste making myself miserable over what should be entertainment. My approach will be, for the most part, one of analysis and reasoned, rational commentary on both the soccer and business sides of the Revolution. This will necessarily, from time-to-time, lead to discussion of MLS-related topics, and occasionally even topics from around the world of soccer. I am not a journalist and do not have sources in the business, so do not expect to find breaking news here. There are a lot of good soccer writers out there who can get you this inside information. One thing that I've been doing for years, for my own amusement, is tracking Revolution goal scorers in all official competitions. It is available here at I update it after each game. It's an easy way to see how our current players rank amongst our historic favorites. I hope you enjoy the blog and that it might become a place for reasoned discussion of all things Revolution.

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